Trumpeting Herd


Yes, it is very serious, corruption from top people in the FBI, DOJ and Intel Agencies who tried to overturn a presidential election.  
It’s time to be strong and stand up for justice.  

We must not lose focus on the goal
 to correct the political corruption of these institutions.  

The attempt to overturn a presidential election by corrupt leaders in the FBI, DOJ, and the Intel Agencies is dangerous and unacceptable.  
You don’t have to believe me--Congressional hearings, Freedom of Information Requests and the Mueller Report have all produced a mountain of tangible evidence to show that there was indeed a plot to remove a duly-elected president from office.  A quick recap…

Also see “The Russia Hoax:  the illicit Scheme to clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump” by Gregg Jarrett (with 41 pages of references)

The Democrats will now try to deceive and distract 
the public to protect their leaders, operatives and conspirators.  

Elements of this deceive-and-distract operation are Congressmen Nadler and Schiff using their committees to rehash and re-do the Mueller investigation again even though in Mueller’s official report, it is clearly stated that there was no Russian Collusion found after 2 years of bitter Trump-haters investigating with unlimited resources.  Nadler and Schiff are digging in a large pile of horse poo looking for a pony.  In reality they are using their office to influence the public based on a fake foreigner-generated dossier.   

Robert Mueller’s press conference was just another concerted effort to deceive and distract.  Mueller spouts innuendos of guilt towards Trump without supplying evidence.  “Guilty until proven innocent” is the exact opposite of the way JUSTICE is practiced in free countries.  

Responses we need to have:  

The Steele Dossier is fake and there was no Russian Collusion by Trump.  
End of story.  

Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller and the media knew early on that the Steele Dossier was a political dirty trick funded by Hillary and the DNC; they used it anyway to justify their actions.  This includes deceiving the FISA court to get warrants for surveillance.  

Russian collusion is more likely from Hillary and the DNC as they paid a shady British spy who somehow compiled Russian disinformation from unknown Russians.  
Do we know if Putin’s agents were part of Steele’s info and activities?  
Did Mueller ever check?  

Who ordered all the activities from the FBI and Intel Agencies against the Trump Campaign?  At first it was the Steele Dossier that was cited as the trigger; that fell apart quickly.  Next it was George Papadopoulos saying the Trump Campaign knew Russia had Hillary’s deleted emails.  Wrong again, now we find out that the FBI sent at least three spies to Papadopoulos to entrap him and create substance for the fake Russian Collusion story.  So what exactly was the trigger for investigation and who gave the orders to proceed?  We don’t know.  

NSA Adviser Michael Flynn was set up with a perjury trap from the FBI.  When he fought back and exculpatory evidence came forward from the original agents involved, Mueller’s team threatened to go after his son unless he capitulated, which he did.  Justice?  

Comey, after getting fired for his inappropriate actions in the Hillary email scandal, illegally leaked supposed notes from private meetings with Trump whom he said wanted the FBI to go easy on Flynn (perjury trap scheme) and to end the Russian Investigation (all fake).  This became the basis to launch a Special Counsel which happened in about a week.  Really?   The special counsel was initiated way too fast without sufficient debate.  

If Robert Mueller was honorable, he never would have accepted the Special Counsel position because he was friends with James Comey, who is in the middle of so much of this mess.  Also, Mueller should have reported very early that the Steele Dossier was just a cheap political “dirty tricks” document and ended his investigation.  It drug on for two years and millions of taxpayer dollars, morphing and looking for anything against Trump.  This is a tactic straight from the Soviet Union, “show me the man, I’ll find the crime” style of injustice.  Mueller is corrupt.  When did he first learn the dossier was fake?  How many months elapsed after that until he stopped investigating?  Why did he abuse Flynn, Papadopoulos and others?    

Christopher Steele floated his dossier to the press early on.  The press did not publish anything about it until Comey broke the story by leaking that he shared it with Trump.  
Afterwards, the establishment media fully supported the narrative, took every leak to press without question and weaved every anti-Trump notion into their “news”.  
They still are.  
Is there anything the establishment media can do to prove that they are NOT an active wing of the Democrat Party?  Probably not.  

We cannot allow the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media to distract and deceive us.  We need to fully clean out the corrupt Justice Department and the Intelligence Agencies.  To protect JUSTICE and our system of government, we must demand the people who used our government for personal political attacks be brought to justice and receive full penalties after trials and being found guilty.  
Apologies are not sufficient.  

This may be our last chance to keep our fair system of justice and to maintain a government by, for and of the people.  The alternative is too awful to consider, tyranny by oligarchs in DC who have seized supreme executive authority.  



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