A Message from

the President of KARW . . .



It is an honor and privilege to be the President of KARW. I recognize the responsibility inherent in this position and I want to thank all our members for empowering me to lead this wonderful organization.

Primarily, we are here to assist local Republican candidates, who are seeking office, to be elected. That is our main goal and purpose. We provide a forum for them to espouse their views, ideas, and collaborate with KARW. Block walking, phone banking, articulating the issues we face, and reinforcing our Republican values, our faith, morals, and views is the foundation of this organization.

Beyond that, we also work to better our communities. KARW is centered in Kingwood, but we also embrace Lake Houston, Atascocita, Walden, Humble, Huffman, and Porter as communities we would like to positively impact.  We want to have a visible presence in these areas.

This past year we saw the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in our community and it was important for all of us to share our resources, time, and talents to help our neighbors and support our community. A number of our members and their families were personally affected by this tragedy. The outpouring of support from our communities and our club were sincere and profound. That is the kind of commitment and service we want to promote.

As we move forward into 2018, I have thought long and hard about how we can enhance our club and expand our membership.  We want to target younger women to bring fresh perspectives to our club and help to mentor our leaders of the future.  We want to attract all women with our values and worldviews to help keep Texas “red”.

My theme for 2018 is to aid “at risk” children. Our literacy and educational outreach will be a focus this year. As always, our love and appreciation of our veterans will also be key. We want to amplify our presence in the community and be an example to all the residents we strive to serve.

Another goal I will absolutely strive for is to empower all our members, as I have been empowered, to offer their gifts and knowledge to make our community better and promote our Republican candidates for office.

I have been blessed with an incredible board and committee chairs that share and have helped define my vision for KARW as President. I want to ensure that all of us feel appreciated for our contributions and encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and get more involved with KARW activities and campaigning. While we are engaged in serious matters and issues that demand our time and attention, I also believe that socializing and fellowship are important aspects as well. 

I am a California native and moved from California to Texas about 18 months ago. Texas is now my home and I am proud to be a resident of Houston, Texas. I found KARW through our website while still in California and was welcomed and encouraged from the instant I became a member. I want to remember how it was when I joined and want to make sure all new members find a home here and a place where their talents and passions can be shared and appreciated.

We have our work cut out for us in 2018 and I welcome all your ideas, suggestions, and teamwork. To me, communication is always the key.  I want to be approachable and work in concert with everyone. 

God bless you,

M’Liss Painter




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