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October 2018


Trump Houston Rally



September 2018


Dan Crenshaw FundRaiser


April 2018


Mothers are Jewles Luncheon





















VA Littlest Patriot Baby Shower












Connie Kindle and Tara Crenshaw













March 2018



March Luncheon



























Welcome Coffeee








































February 2018


Mardi Gras








































January 2018

TFRW Anniversary Luncheon


















July Events 2017



Block Walking for Governor Abbott

July 13, 2017

















Kingwood July 4th Parade 2017















Kingwood Police Prayer Vigil 2016















Blockwalk July 23







Community Engagement Includes a Golf Tournament Set for May 15

…Continuing the Tradition At No Cost to KARW

Event Purpose

Outreach…. Inclusion…. Engagement…. Regardless of what you call it, we need to continue doing it. KARW will continue to focus on the important task of diversifying our Party and our club. The National Federation of Republican Women is also putting a renewed focus on diversification – especially getting younger women to join our clubs. To attract younger women to our club, we need to engage in activities that appeal to them, such as, fun run, biking, golf, tennis, fashion shows, etc.

With this in mind, we (Janie Branham, Pat Morlen, Luz Rebollar, Connie Kindle, etc.) have planned and organized a golf tournament (KARW did a similar “Award Winning” golf event last year at Golf Preserve of Atascocita) for the purpose of:

  • Increasing KARW visibility to attract younger women & to continue to diversify
  • “Americanism” Honoring our veterans by asking them to be our partners in the tournament and individual golfers will pay for their entry fee
  • Raising money for “Littlest Patriot Program” Non golfers donate $10 in the month of May (in lieu of diapers, clothing, etc.)
  • Increasing KARW membership through high visibility
  • Community engagement (asking other clubs and different people to participate in events to grow our membership). We have participated in Kingwood CC events, Golf Preserve of Atascocita, and now Walden Country Club
  • The name of the tournament is Sadie Hawkins. Sadie Hawkins Day is an American folk event and pseudo-holiday originated by Al Capp's classic hillbilly comic strip, Li'l Abner (1934–1978). This inspired real-world Sadie Hawkins events, the premise of which is that females ask males for a date, in this case the female golfer will ask a Veteran.
  • Janie Branham is a member of Walden Country Club and the Ladies Golf Association; therefore, we can have this event at no cost to KARW. We plan to raise between $800 to $1,000 for Little Patriot Program.

The decorating committee has already practiced baking the red, white, and blue cake for the event (Janie Branham, Melba Eveler, Angie Clark, & Caroling Watson).



Judge Laryssa TopGolf Annual Tournament

This should be a fun and exciting event for the Family or just for a group of Friends. If you haven't played TopGolf before you don't know what you are missing. Click on the link below for details.



Family Time Mothers are Jewells

April 29, 2016



March Event 2016

Tax Time

On March 23 The Kingwood Area Republican Women Luncheon Guest Speakers were Harris County Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan and Gary price of Price and Price CPA Firm in Kingwood TX. The event was held at the Kingwood Country Club located at 1700 Lake Kingwood Trails Kingwood TX. Sixty- four members and guest attended the event.

The Harris County Tax assessor Mike Sullivan is also running for office this year so he gave a very informative speech about what he has accomplished this term and what he would like to accomplish in a second term. Mr. Sullivan also gave us a heads up on the property tax notices that had just been mailed out. He informed us that once again our property taxes would be going up 10%. He let everyone know that you should file a property tax dispute every year no matter what and he informed us bout classes that Harris county was having to help people learn how to dispute their taxes. A class will be held at Lone Star College in Kingwood on Kingwood Dr on April 12,2016 for those who are interested. There were many people in the crowd who were interested.

Gary Price was very interesting as well. He had several handouts for us and was very prepared and eager to address any questions from the crowd and there were many. He talked about Social Security and filing for claims as well as the new tax forms. Several of the women were very surprised to hear that they were entitled to file for a portion of their ex-spouse’s social security. They were very eager to talk to Mr. Price after the event. Mr. Price also talked about the new 1090 form and how some people were finding it cheaper to go without insurance and pay the fine at least for the first year because the fine increases each year after the first.

We also did a Baby Clothing Drive for a Michael E. De Bakey VA Hospital Program called THE LITTLEST PATRIOT PROGRAM at this luncheon. We collected over $500 worth of Baby Items for this Program. We do another drive for this program in May. All the Items go to First Time Parents who are in Programs at the VA Hospital whether it be Homeless, PTSD, or Disabled



February Event 2016

KARW Primary Candidate Forum



On February 27 the Kingwood Area Republican Women hosted 22 Candidates in a Primary Forum at the Kingwood Country Club. We had 87 members and guest in attendance. The moderator was TFRW President Theresa Kosmoski and our Time Keeper was Dr. Rick Morlen Chief of the Michael E. De Bakey VA Hospital. Each candidate was given three minutes to say what their plains are for the position that they are running for and if they have been holding the position what their accomplishments are. The event went very well. The candidates had an hour before the event to meet with the guest and talk with them and time after the event to answer any questions that people might have had. Tables were set out for handouts and yard signs and many were passed out.

Below is a list of candidates in attendance.

Rolf Nelson Constable Prct 4

Mark Herman Constable Prct 4

Tom Zakes JP Prct 3

Dan Garcia JP Prct 3

Lincoln Goodwin JP Prct 3

Danell Fields County School Trustee Prct 4

Don Sumners County Tax Assessor

Gloria Minnick County Civil Court

Dan Huberty District 127 State Rep

Justice Olson

Sharon Hemphill for Judge

Erine Luncheford for Judge

Kevin Jewell for Judge

Jeffery Hastings for Judge

Don Self for Judge

Bruce Bain For Judge

Debra Mayfield for Judge

Kathrine McDaniel for Judge

Xavier Alfaro for Judge

Nile Copeland for Judge

Mary McFaden for Judge

Rick Green       


January Luncheon

The New Year Begins


On January 27,2016 the Kingwood Area Republican Women hosted their first luncheon of the new year. The luncheon was held at the Kingwood Country Club at 1700 Lake Kingwood Trails in kingwood TX. Our guest speaker was State Senator District 4 Brandon Creighton, SD 4 Representative Alice Reckeweg, and Connie Kindle head of the VA Michael E. De Bakey Volunteer Littlest Patriot Program. We had 80 guest members and guest in attendance. It was a very good program. Senator Creighton brought us up to date on what has been going on in the State Legislature and told us a little bit about Governor Abbotts Convention of States Program and Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential run. Our own member Alice Reckegweg spoke to us about the upcoming Precinct Conventions and how they work and why they are important. Our new member Connie Kindle spoke to us about the VA program which provides Diaper Bags and basic items for new born babies of needy parents at the Michael E. De Bakey Veterans Hospital.


Mardi Gras 2016

Thank You so much to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success and to those who donated the many lovely Silent and Live Auction Items. Without your help and generous donations it would not have been possible.

Kingwood Area Republican Women


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